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Nelson-Singleton Solicitors in Dromore and Markethill know that making a will can be a complex and stressful time. Our friendly, experienced team are here to help, providing you with support and advice when you need it most. In the event of a death a will can help resolve with the following:

Here to help you plan for the future

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  • Who will look after your children?

  • Who will feed them, educate them and bring them up as you would?

  • Who will make the decisions that will affect their future?

  • Who would you NOT want to dictate their future?

  • What will happen to those you want to go on living in your home?

  • Who will get your most valued possessions?

  • Who would you NOT want to get them?

  • Will your partner have the use of all that you have built up together?

  • Will he or she have enough to live on?

In the event of a death all of these questions MUST be answered sooner or later. By making a will you can choose who will “wind up” your affairs, you can choose what will happen after your death and you can choose how your family will benefit. Without a will all of this will be decided by the law. It is particularly important for separated, divorced and unmarried people to make wills as the law may not distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes.


Nelson-Singleton Solicitors provides a comprehensive will service, and can help you by dealing with the following:

What if no will has been made?

  • Discussing assets with executors or administrators

  • Obtaining the value of all assets

  • Paying any Inheritance Tax

  • Appling to Court for Grant of Probate of Letters of Administration

  • Closing all bank accounts

  • Settling all debts in the estate

  • Paying all legacies in the estate

  • Transferring interests in land

  • Dealing with any other matters and finalising matters with the executors or administrators

If no will has been made the law sets out how the estate is to be distributed. In most cases the closest family of the deceased will inherit the estate. In some circumstances this can become very complicated. If you would like to know more about how the estate would be distributed contact us today.


When no will is made, the family should nominate 2 close relatives to become the administrators of the estate. These people will be appointed by the court to help distribute the estate and will liaise closely with Nelson-Singleton Solicitors to close bank accounts and transferring land etc.